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Long Driveway

The Cedarburg Fire Department has implemented a long driveway program for those residences that have driveways exceeding 1,000 feet. With each CFD engine carrying 1,200 feet of 5″ supply hose and most of the surrounding mutual aid companies carrying between 1,000 and 1,200 feet, an organized operational plan was put into place to effectively supply water to a fire in a timely manner through relay pumping.

The relay consists of two or more engines supplying one another from a single water source. Although not all of the 1,000 foot driveways will require a relay to be set up, most are designed for it.

The Cedarburg Fire Department set up each driveway over 1,000 feet with signs. The first sign is located directly underneath the reflective address sign at the end of the driveway. This sign has a fire helmet emblem and the actual footage of the driveway so that first-in engines know the driveway is over 1,000 feet, and may require a relay to be set up. The next sign that the first-in engine will be looking for is one labeled “Drop 1″, this is located 1,000 feet from the structure and is where the first-in engine will drop its 5” supply hose and proceed to the structure. Depending on the length of the driveway there may be a “Drop 2” sign and a “Drop 3″ sign. All of these signs are located 1,000 feet from one another where incoming engines will drop their 5” supply hose and proceed to the next dropped supply line, connect to it and supply the engine in front of them. Communication between all apparatus involved is key to making the process run smoothly. The last engine to proceed in will drop at the end of the driveway where it will be supplied from the engine that is drafting from the portable water tank.

If you have the signs in your yard and they have been damaged please contact us at: 262-375-7630