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The Cedarburg Fire Department has one Full-time Fire Inspector that conducts approximately 1,100 inspections per year in the City of Cedarburg and completes all plan reviews for fire protection systems. We also have one part-time Fire Inspector who conducts approximately 150 inspections each year in the Town of Cedarburg and assists with plan reviews. If you have any questions regarding fire inspections, please contact us at 262-375-7632.

The state of Wisconsin requires all fire departments to conduct semi-annual fire inspections of all commercial buildings in their coverage area, including apartment complexes. When a department completes all of the required semi-annual fire inspections, they receive what is called “2 percent dues” from the state, which acts as another source of revenue for the department. These inspections are conducted twice per year for most occupancies, although some are exempted to once per year based on their use. Checkout Common Violations Found on Fire Inspections to see some of the items we look for.

Maintaining up to date contact information for all of our commercial buildings is not only important for fire inspections, but also if an emergency occurs at that building. If we can let you know sooner what is occurring, we can help you quickly get to the next steps of recovering from an emergency. If you recently moved into or purchased a building in our service area, please complete the Occupancy Update Form so we can update the contacts in our system and start the pre-planning process for the building.

City of Cedarburg Fire Code
City of Cedarburg Ordinances
Town of Cedarburg Fire Code
Town of Cedarburg Ordinances


For City fire inspections and all plan reviews:
Blake Karnitz (City)
Lead Fire Inspector

For Town fire inspections:
Bill Koeppen (Town)
Fire Inspector, Asst. Chief (Ret.)