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Founded in 1866, a year after the American Civil War ended, the Cedarburg Fire Department was organized and founded by a group of Cedarburg pioneers in the fall of 1866. The roster at that time was comprised of 31 members.

Since 1866 the Cedarburg Fire Department has driven by dedicated volunteers.


May 1

Cedarburg Fire Department Founded

February 26

First Chief – Fred Schatz

First elections are held with Freidrich Schatz being elected to Fire Chief

June 8

2nd Fire Chief

Edward Langheinrich became the second Chief of the Cedarburg Fire Department.

May 10

3rd Fire Chief

E.G.  Wurthmann was elected as the third Chief of the Cedarburg Fire Department

May 1

4th Fire Chief

Ernst Schneider became the fourth Chief of the Cedarburg Fire Department in May of 1914. With his election to Chief the department would start the process of changing into what it is today. One of the first changes made was that Chief Schneider would give a report of any fire call that had been received during the previous month at the monthly business meeting.

May 1

5th Fire Chief

William Ritter is elected Fire Chief

May 5

6th Fire Chief

William Anderson is elected Fire Chief

May 7

7th Fire Chief

Wayne Fischer is elected Fire Chief

May 3

8th Fire Chief

Richard Horneck is elected Fire Chief

May 7

9th Fire Chief

Richard Van Dinter is elected Fire Chief

May 2

10th Fire Chief

Jeff Vahsholtz

Jeffrey Vahsholtz is elected Fire Chief