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Child Alert Program

The Cedarburg Fire Department has established a program for ensuring that children with special needs, care and/or treatment are given the appropriate care. The Child Alert Program is designed to assist EMS and Fire personnel in better understanding your child’s specific needs in the unfortunate event that your child needs emergency medical care. By having your child’s medical information available, providers will be able to give appropriate emergency care for the child and reduce the level of stress often experienced by the parent(s), guardian(s), teacher(s) and children when there is an emergency. We ask that anyone with child (0-21 years of age) with special healthcare needs enroll in this program. This includes, but is not limited to children with developmental delays, behavioral health problems, physical disabilities, special medical technology or equipment, seizure disorders, severe allergies, hearing loss, vision loss, diabetes, Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and all other specific needs not listed. This also includes premature and low birth weight babies. No family will be excluded if they feel their child will benefit from our child alert program.

Please download and complete the Child Alert Program application. When completed send it with a picture of your child (not required) to the Cedarburg Fire Department, ATTN: Child Alert Program, P.O. BOX 327, Cedarburg WI 53012. Updates to the child alert program will occur periodically. Participation is strictly on a voluntary basis. You may cancel or update enrollment at any time, by notifying the Cedarburg Fire Department.

We at the Cedarburg Fire Department take great pride in serving our community. If you any questions please contact us at 262-375-7630.