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The Cedarburg Fire Department is a community volunteer department made up of your neighbors, your friends and your relatives. We are committed to providing emergency services and fund raising activities to make the Cedarburg Fire Department the best of the best. It is only with your support by volunteering, that we can continue to provide first class service to our community. Not only is there a role for those that wish to fight fires and take care of the sick and injured, but there is another important role of fund raising that helps our community. It is through these fund raising efforts that allows the fire department to purchase our equipment and donate it back to Cedarburg. Just recently, we purchased a new fire engine at a cost of over $750,000.00 that will be donated back to the city. No tax dollars were spent, just the sweat and hard work of those who volunteer at our fund raising events to give back to the community. CDF is a family and there is room for everyone in our family. Please consider joining today.


Deputy Chief Andrew Heidtke


We are excited to announce the promotion of volunteer Captain Andy Heidtke to Deputy Chief. Andy also started his career as an Explorer with our department. He also held a leadership position within the Explorer program, helping to mentor and train the young men and women in the program. Andy joined the department upon completion of high school in July of 2006. He went on to obtain his 4-year degree in Engineering. During this time, Andy continued to stay active within the department. Taking state certification classes FF I and FF II, Driver/Operator Pumper, Driver/Operator Aerial, Fire Officer I and Emergency Services Instructor I. He has held the positions of Lieutenant and Captain in the department. Andy is currently serving as Training Captain of the department. He has done an outstanding job in this position, especially during COVID. He has transitioned the department from all hands-on fire training to a mix of online training and hands-on. Andy is also very active in our fundraising efforts. He currently serves on the Firemen’s Park Board, helping to raise money used to buy our fire trucks, saving the community millions of dollars in tax money. Andy is a great addition to our command staff and he is excited to continue to serve our community.


Deputy Chief Joseph Hintz


We are excited to announce the promotion of volunteer Captain Joseph Hintz to Deputy Chief. Joseph Hintz was hired as a full-time Deputy Chief, which makes him the second full-time employed member of the Cedarburg Fire Department. Joseph started his fire service career while in high school, becoming a member of our Explorer program. He became an officer of the Explorer program, helping to lead and train other young men and women. Upon completion of high school, Joey joined the department as an active volunteer firefighter. While completing his two-year college degree, he also continued to take classes in the department, preparing himself for advancement. He has completed state certifications in FF I and FF II, Fire Officer I, Emergency Services Instructor I, Driver/Operator Pumper, Driver/Operator Aerial, EMT and Advanced EMT. Joseph has held officer positions including Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief of the Department. He is also very active in our fundraising at Firemen’s Park, serving as President of our Park Board. He is a dedicated member of the department, and is excited to continue to serve our community in his full-time position

COVID-19 Update

Jeffrey J. Vahsholtz – Chief

The phrase “uncertain times” is used a lot in the media. But one thing is certain, the Cedarburg Fire Department is here to serve you, even in these “uncertain times.” We may be dressed differently than in the past, so please do not take offence when we walk in wearing glasses, a gown, mask and gloves. This is not only to protect our volunteers, but to protect you. We may ask you to wear a mask to the hospital, but again this is to protect you, the members of our department and the hospital staff.

We have also asked that no open burning takes place until this Pandemic comes to an end. You may ask, what does burning have to do with the Pandemic. Our members continue to practice Social Distancing even at the station. Putting 3 or 4 members in a confined space in the back of a fire truck puts our members at risk. Open burning does and has led to grass fires. These fires are avoidable and in turn will help to keep the members of our department safe during this Pandemic.

Quoting another social media phrase “we will get through this together”. The Cedarburg Fire Department will continue to be here to respond to any emergency you may have. Stay Safe!