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The Cedarburg Fire Department is a community department made up of your neighbors, your friends and your relatives. We are committed to providing emergency services and fund raising activities to make the Cedarburg Fire Department the best of the best. It is only with your support by volunteering, that we can continue to provide first class service to our community. Not only is there a roll for those that wish to fight fires and take care of the sick and injured, but there is another great roll that is needed to help, fund raising. It is through these fund raising efforts that allow us to purchase our equipment and donate it back to Cedarburg. Through the efforts of our fundraising we have recently purchased a new fire engine at a cost of over $750,000.00 that will be donated back to the city. No tax dollars spent just the sweat and hard work of those volunteering at our fund raising efforts to give back to the community. The Cedarburg Fire Department is a family and there is room for everyone in our family. Please consider joining today.