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Knox Home Boxes

The Cedarburg Fire Department utilizes Knox Boxes in our community to ensure damage free access to a building in the event of an emergency or reported emergency. Historically, these boxes have only been available for commercial buildings and businesses, but they are now available for your private residence!

Knox Boxes are metal boxes that can be mounted multiple ways to a wall or hung from a door. These boxes have a secure locking system that is only accessible by the Fire Department utilizing a special key specific to our area. They have been tested thoroughly by the Knox Company to ensure that your key(s) are secure at all times. We also prioritize the security of our keys and maintain a secure locking system in our apparatus to ensure that our keys do not fall into the wrong hands.

If you are interested in purchasing a Knox Home Box for you or a family member, or you would like more information please visit the Knox website using the link below, or contact our Fire Inspector Blake Karnitz.

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