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Contact Maxwell St. Days/Fireman’s Park

Maxwell St. Days and Fireman’s Park is a owned and operated by Cedarburg Fire Department, Inc., a non-profit composed of the volunteer members of the Cedarburg Fire Department. Please do not contact the City of Cedarburg Fire Department with questions relating to Maxwell St. Days or Fireman’s Park.

Cedarburg Firemen’s Park office is open occasionally during the months of May through October. The balance of year any phones calls and emails are monitored and are answered. Firemen’s Park and our Cedarburg Maxwell Street Days are staffed by our Department Volunteer’s and their family members. Our phone lines and emails are checked on a regular basis, by our volunteers. We will return your call/email as soon as possible. During the weeks prior to event, we become greatly backlogged due to last minute vendors. We ask you to be patient and apologize for any inconvenience.

No longer wait in line or wait for the park office to be open. Reserve and pay for your spot right over the phone and we will mail the vendor information and pass to you. You can reach us at 262-377-8412. Do not call the City of Cedarburg Fire Department with Maxwell St Days questions, as they will be unable to handle Maxwell St. Days or park related questions. Please note our office at the park will be staffed on a very limited basis going forward. On Monday mornings the message will have the dates and times that office will be open for your convenience. The office is located at on the Cedarburg Firemen’s Park grounds.

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